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last of the authentic
liberties pubs

The arrival of COVID 19 in March 2020 coincided  the partial collaspe of one of our chimneys in a storm,  destoying a large portion of the rear of pubs Bar. Through our resilience, determintion and perseverance we rose from the rubble stronger than ever after 2 years of painstaking struggle. 

The Lark Inn is one of the few authentic family run pubs still operating in the Liberties after all these years. The pub trade has taken a huge hammering in recent years with business’s closing their doors for good. Some new owners have modernised and developed new concepts for the new residents moving into the Liberties area. The Lark Inn is a locals pub filled with great charaters, history, culture and a customer base that prides itself in the Liberties area. We pride ourselves keeping those traditions alive. Welcome to The Lark Inn.

Owners of tHE LARK INN

Noeleen and John are the dynamic husband and wife team who keep The Lark Inn ship moving forward. Today along with long-time manager Dave Maher and their team of professional and courteous staff the younger members of the Byrne clan also play their part in making The Lark Inn a truly family-run pub.  The Lark Inn is as authentic as it gets for local city centre community pub. Its a pub full of many Liberties characters, jokers, storytellers, soccer fanatics and the widest array selection of salt-of-the-earth people the Liberties area offers. Both Noeleen and John are always on hand to look after our regular customers and visiting friends from all corners of the globe. Watch Interview below.


In this interview before the pubs reopening John Byrne talks about the phone call on the night the roof of the pub collasped and the jorney to rebuild.

weekly sports live

If your a sports lover you’ll feel right at home in the Lark Inn. Why not pop in for a cosy pint and catch up on the latest sporting events live. 


league of ireland LIVE

Whether your Rovers, Pats, Bohs or Shelbourne we always try cover Live games every Friday night on our big screens. 



One thing we love in the Liberties are horses. Races shown daily on our big screens.